Our Mission, Values, History, & Why Tech Lab

About Tech Lab

Founded in 2009, Tech Lab is an information technology company specializing in small and medium businesses’ IT systems. We’re geeks who don’t just fix things, we partner with you. We take the time to think about and solve simple to complex computer problems. We identify the real problem by speaking to the people affected by it, rarely relying solely on computer diagnostic systems. We then develop a system that meets everyone’s needs & works effectively.

Client and employee success are directly tied to Tech Lab’s corporate success. We pledge to do our best and demonstrate a calming influence on our customers. We are always reasonable and respectful of others while working to accomplish our goals. We will strive to do what we agree to do and hold ourselves to industry best practices. When we are at fault, we will accept the responsibility and change.

As a technology driven company, we can work on just about anything tech related. In addition, we put forth the extra effort to know, document, and remember customer specific environments, their needs and goals and make sure we cover everything when we work on their systems. If we don’t know the product, we will learn about it. 

This is a relationship business. We build relationships for long term partnerships. Customer satisfaction with our attention to thoroughness while also being cost conscious is a main goal.

Our Values


We are dedicated, invested individuals who provide fast response times, answer the phones, and follow-through.

Attention to Detail

We pay attention to the details, problem-solve, and fix things right to keep our customers happy!


We build long-term relationships, know what we are doing, and will take of any issues or questions that arise.


We are a team of tech specialists who work together to build each other and our customers up.


Founded in 2009

Tech Lab was originally founded in 2009 as Iota Interactive. The original name came from the idea that it was important to focus on “one iota,” our attention to detail when building and working with various technologies. It is our intention to prevent minor problems from snowballing into major problems. Since we construct small to large-scale systems at varying risk factors, everything must be exactly right for those systems to work properly and efficiently. The company was founded on this principle and we hold true to it to this day. We will always go the extra mile and make sure your systems are stable and reliable.


Rebrand as Tech Lab

The company was re-branded into Tech Lab over the summer of 2014 because Iota Interactive as a title was too cryptic to describe what we offer as a technology company when meeting with new customers, thus it made complete sense to change our name to Tech Lab. We are constantly engineering new and better systems for us and our customers so it fit perfectly.


Since 2014, Tech Lab has expanded our team, extended the scope of our services, and tripled in size. We moved into our current office space in Wauwatosa in 2017 and opened our repair lab in 2018.

Why Tech Lab?


With over 10 years in business and a team of dedicated techs, we provide technical expertise, deliver quality and personalized services, make things work, & fix things right.


If a customer ever has a problem, we will do everything we can to correct their issue quickly, reasonably and professionally. 

Customer Focused

Work with an IT company focused on designing solutions around you and your business. We always try to put ourselves in your shoes to make the best choice for you.


When you call us, you get a real person who communicates clearly & honestly. Our invoices include a detailed account of work completed so you know exactly what you are paying for.