Tech Lab, Inc. works with business customers from one computer up to 75 computers. Some of our customers prefer to save money and bring their equipment to us for analysis and repair, and others have us provide on-site service. We prefer a “No Surprises” policy so here are our current rates.


2021 RATES

Computer Repair Service, Technical Support, Consulting
(15min minimum remote, 1hr minimum on-site)

Call for Rate Information

Website Production and Maintenance
(15min minimum)


Scheduled After-Hours Service (members only)
(outside of Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm Central, 30min minimum, >48 hours notice)


Emergency Service (414) 239-6245
(<48 hours notice or unscheduled daytime/nights/weekends)


Local Ground Travel

(1 Person / 1 Vehicle)

$1.55 per mile

Secure Data Erasure & Certificate with Serials

$40 per drive

Secure Data Erasure with Physical Destruction and Certificate with Serials

$60 per drive

Secure Encrypted Off-Site Backups
Storage Expands As Needed (Unlimited)

$150 Account Activation/Setup
$0.20 per GB per month

Managed IT Pricing

Why is 100% computer coverage required? When an IT manager runs a network, that person does not exclude certain systems from attention, scrutiny, security, or regular upgrades or maintenance. Why would we? Doing so opens your network up to attack, failure, or both. We scrutinize everything and support all of your IT equipment and staff. It is the only way we can ensure systems run smoothly and you or your business stays safesecure, and productive.

Rates below do not include tax. Early termination pays 100% of the remainder of the plan. Annual renewal must be cancelled at least 30 days prior to renewal (early notice is required to stop automatic billing).

Number of Covered Computers and/or Virtual Computers (VM PCs)

Desktop, Laptop, Microsoft Surface, or Embedded Computer with a Desktop Style OS-such as a CNC Machine or Raspberry Pi

Workstation Minimum Specifications (6 months to upgrade)

  • Computer Workstations must be at a minimum level of specifications to service. If they are not, the customer has 6 months to upgrade and must complete a rider form. This helps us keep our technicians efficient and not waste our or your time during repairs. Tech Lab may exclude embedded devices from these requirements.
  • i5 or equivalent processor with 5000 benchmark from
  • 8GB RAM minimum.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) <= 80% Full.
  • Windows 10 1909+, MacOS Mojave+, RedHat 7+ or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS+
  • For new customers, if PCs do not meet minimum technical requirements, after a 6 month grace period to upgrade, a $20/month per device surcharge is added to your account.

Number of Covered Servers, Phone Controllers, and/or VM Servers

Server Minimum Specifications

  • Must be under mfg. support (hardware and/or software)
  • May or may not be under warranty or additional agreement (not required
  • <= 70% Full
  • Operate with, on average, 30% RAM overhead during 1 week of uptime.

Number of Covered Business VoIP Phones

Maintenance and support only. Max 10 phones per extension. The plans below exclude VoIP service. Business VoIP Services can be added on for $10.00/ext/month and includes unlimited US, Canada, and Mexico minutes. International rates vary by country (contact us for info).

VoIP Phone / System Minimum Specifications

  • Must be under manufacturer support.