Purchasing, Setup, Maintenance, Support, Troubleshooting, etc.

Computer Services

Tech Lab is here to help with all your computer needs! We offer a wide range of services whether you are looking for help with your personal computer or an entire office.

Our computer services include:

  • Purchasing, consulting, setup, installation, and connection
  • Updates, maintenance, and security
  • Diagnostics, repair, and performance tuning
  • Analysis, upgrades, and troubleshooting
  • Data recovery, destruction, and recycling

We can help you with your computer over its entire lifecycle! A new computer is exciting, but the setup process is a hassle! From installing the software to connecting your computer to your printer, let us handle it so that you can spend your afternoon (or day) in a more enjoyable way!

An older computer can be slow and frustrating, but is it really time for a new one? Let us take a look at your computer, analyze it, and recommend your best path forward.

How We Help With Computers


Computers are everywhere. The fastest and latest technology is available, or if you’re looking for the best prices, we’re always on top of the current deals and promotions. From the most customizable to the smallest and most compact, we can find a computer that’s perfect for you.

We look at a couple factors when we recommend a new computer for you.

  • What kind of device do you want? How are you planning to use it?
  • What is your budget?
  • What operating system do you prefer (i.e., Mac, Windows, or Chromebook)
  • What programs need to be installed?
  • What environment will it be kept in?
  • How long do you want it to last?
  • What features are you looking for – GPU, number of USB ports, Bluetooth, microphone, battery life, touch screen, screen size, or durability?

These questions can change the computer we recommend and guide the technical specifications (i.e. processor, hard drive & disk space, RAM, etc.) Some are great for staying in one place, some are built for high performance, and others can be moved around frequently and their construction is designed to reduce the risk of damage.

To help sort through all the differences, contact us to schedule a meeting.

Computer, Printer, & Scanner Setup

Once you receive your new computer, we will hook it up, install software, transfer data, and set up peripherals. Our speacialty is a SEAMLESS transition. We make sure EVERYTHING you used on your old computer is accessible and we help you find alternatives if an old program has been discontinued. Changes cause headaches so we will even teach you where to find things in the new operating system!

For printers, we support wireless, wired, all-in-one, and copy center (Xerox, Canon, Toshiba, etc.). We can help you setup your printer, install the software on your computer, install ink cartridges, calibrate your printer for accurate print quality, and teach you how to best maintain your printer.

For scanners, Tech Lab can provide the setup and integrate automatic network storage so that all scanned files are automatically uploaded to a shared folder. No more typing in your email address for every scan!

Updates, Maintenance, & Security

Keeping your computer up-to-date is essential for continued functionality, performance, and security. Tech Lab can take the hassle of updates off your plate and upgrade your software, Windows/Mac, etc. It is also important to have continuously running antivirus and antimalware.

Diagnostics & Computer Repair

Accidents happen… Maybe you dropped your laptop and broke your screen. Maybe you spilled your cup of coffee or wine on your keyboard. Tech Lab is here to diagnose and help you identify the best path forward. Our diagnostic services include:

  • Data recovery options
  • Memory and drive tests
  • Broken LCD screen replacement
  • Mainboard or logic board assessment
  • Other damage assessments (i.e., liquid spills, etc.)

If something’s not working correctly, give us a buzz, we’ll take a look at it and provide you with a free estimate of the repair or help you with a claim if the parts are still covered by a warranty. On out of warranty equipment, we stock many parts and repairs are generally completed in 4-7 business days (longer when we have to special order a part). We will always keep you up to date on the status of your repair so feel free to call in and check any time.

Analysis & Upgrades

It’s time to replace your equipment. Don’t throw it out just yet. The generally accepted cut-off is 5 years. If the equipment is less than 5 years old, consider repair. If it’s older, consider replacement. If you’re not sure, contact us to evaluate whether or not it’s time. Some upgrades will cost less than the cost of replacement, so we might be able to save you some cash!

Performance Tuning

Tech Lab will fine-tune your computer’s performance so that it runs fast, smoothly, and functions as expected. Our performance tuning services include:

  • Eliminate extra start-up programs
  • Virus cleaning
  • Pop-up cleaning
  • Spyware cleaning
  • Processor upgrade
  • Memory upgrade
  • Hard Drive to Solid State Drive upgrade (an identical copy of your existing system)*
    *an inexpensive and popular choice. We’ve even recovered a few systems that wouldn’t boot.

Data Recovery

Oh no! Your computer crashed and you need to recover your files. Tech Lab can help with our desktop, laptop, tablet, or flash drive recovery services. If you have a recent backup available, Tech Lab will help you restore it and get you quickly up and running.

Data Destruction and Recycling

Bring us your old equipment no matter the age. We’ll salvage what we can and junk the rest. All hard drive data is destroyed, guaranteed. We can also provide you with a certificate of destruction. If we can’t erase it, we’ll take the sledge hammer to it. (It’s good stress relief.)


I needed help finding the right computer for my business needs and Tech Lab found and procured the perfect computer for me, at a reasonable price within my budget. They transferred all of the information from my old computer, helped install the necessary software on my new computer, then helped me with set up at my office. They were so professional and friendly through the entire process. You can trust them to provide you with the help you need. I highly recommend them and will use them again.

Michele M.

Marsh Legal Services, LLC

“My old Mac Powerbook was given a second lease on life by the capable, friendly representatives of Tech Lab. They identified, obtained, and installed the needed hardware (solid-state hard drive and extra RAM) and upgraded my system software to the latest version in less than the estimated time and for exactly the price they’d quoted. Thank you, Tech Lab for providing service that both inspired and enabled the posting of this review!”

Charles M.

Tech Lab cloned all the programs, files, and data on the hard drive from my old laptop and transferred the programs, files, and data to my new laptop. I’m not really sure how they do it, but the transition was seamless and nothing had to be reinstalled. All the programs, files, and data were there on the new laptop exactly as they were on the old laptop and I could continue working with the updated system like nothing ever changed, except with an improved system on my new laptop! I highly recommend them!

Benjamin W. 

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Request a consultation so that we can discuss your needs. The consultation is all about discovery and learning more about you and your business. Then, we will send you a customized proposal. 

Once we have a standard work order and a plan in place, we implement the solution, standardize and optimize, and ultimately maintain and sustain the system.