Computers, Servers, Networking, Mobile, & Website Hosting.

Installation Services

Whether you bought a new computer for personal use or you are a business owner who is looking to set up the company’s IT infrastructure, Tech Lab can help you get everything set up.

Tech Lab can help with all of your technology needs including:

  • Computers, tablets, & mobile
  • Servers, access control, software distribution, & corporate email setup
  • Domain registration, website migration, & SSL installation 
  • WiFi Setup, Router Installation, Enterprise Networking, & VPN Access
  • IT infrastructure for your business
  • Relocating to a new office or business location
  • WiFi, Smart Home or Smart Business

Tech Lab’s specialty is making things work, delivering personalized solutions customized to the customer needs, fixing things right, and securing and maintaining the technology. 

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Smart Devices

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Recent Posts

Slow Network Speed?

Now that we are all at home, working, doing schooling, streaming movies or TV shows, doing online gaming, etc. on the Internet, some of you may have noticed that your Internet just isn’t doing the job. Maybe it’s too slow.

How to Get Started

Request a consultation so that we can discuss your needs. The consultation is all about discovery and learning more about you and your business. Then, we will send you a customized proposal. 

Once we have a standard work order and a plan in place, we implement the solution, standardize and optimize, and ultimately maintain and sustain the system.