Enterprise Networking, WIFI Setup, Fiber, Routers, Speed Analysis, & Optimization 

Networking & Internet Services

Tech Lab is here to help you with all your networking and internet needs including:

  • Enterprise networking for your business
  • WiFi setup, router installation, & configuration
  • Fiber configuration 
  • Internet speed analysis & performance optimization 
  • VPN access 

Whether you are moving houses or relocating your business, Tech Lab can help you set up your network. If you are experiencing slow Internet or connection keeps dropping, we can diagnosis the issue and help you speed up your Internet, extend coverage, or resolve the bottleneck. 


IT Installation

How We Help with Networking & Internet

Enterprise Networking

Need IT infrastructure to connect your employees, devices, and applications in your business? Enterprise networking is all about the virtual, physical, and digital design of your network. Tech Lab can help your business get its hardware and software working together. Connectivity, an optimized user experience,  streamlined management, better security, and seamless integration with the cloud are a few benefits of enterprise networking.

WIFI Setup

Need secure wireless access but the password is hard to remember? Or perhaps it isn’t and you’re concerned about unauthorized access? Have our technicians set up your WIFI access with the latest security and modern access techniques. We could set up a QR code so you don’t need to remember complex passwords.

If you already have WiFi but it doesn’t quite reach where you need it, no sweat. We can either install range extenders or add additional Access Points to increase coverage. Call us to schedule an evaluation and we’ll figure out what method will work best in your situation.

WiFi Router Installation and Configuration

Routers act as the gatekeeper between you and the rest of the world. An improperly configured device can open you up to attacks or on the flip side, completely block all communication when security is set so tight it’s like a noose. Configuring security in a router is as much an art as it is technical. Our staff is trained on “set it and forget it” technical methods so you aren’t continuously calling us to fix recurring problems over and over. We establish a stable foundation that your company can grow and rely upon. If you feel you keep re-addressing the same problems, perhaps it’s time to get a second opinion from one of our techs.

We have a variety of devices we support from basic home routers to layer 2 and layer 3 switches. We also support products with fail-over capability when you have multiple internet connections so if one goes down, your network remains online. Add to that firewall rules for custom routing and filtering, bandwidth monitoring, and simple security management and your network will remain online at all times.


An alternative to Ethernet, fiber has some excellent uses. It can reduce the load on your existing network separating fiber traffic from ethernet traffic, it transmits information faster and farther than Ethernet in a single run, and it’s just cool – data is sent using a beam of light.

We recently re-configured a 12TB storage server for a video company. They wanted the extra space connected directly to their editing system. The problem was, the server already existed and was located at the other end of the building.

The solution was a fiber connection. This did two things for the customer, it freed up Ethernet traffic, video editing data was now separate of the rest of the office network, and the Fiber installation was a much faster connection than Ethernet so the performance and response was far superior. Huge files could be saved and edited very quickly.

Fiber might be a good choice if you’re frequently working with large amounts of data, whether it be a wedding photographer’s photos, a recording studio’s professional audio recordings, a production company’s video footage, or corporations with multiple servers that work together to deliver content to customers. Let us know if you are interested in adding fiber communication in your network.

Speed Analysis

Picture a long, straight, open road. You’re in your convertible and there’s no speed limit. You are racing along as fast as possible and you come upon a small town with no continuous roads, stop signs everywhere, and no obvious route through. Does your network traffic seem to slow down or stop? Eliminate the stops and upgrade with Tech Lab.

We remove bottlenecks and restore network flow. Bottlenecks can happen in ever-changing environments. One device needs to communicate with another device (like a PC/laptop connecting to a server, or a tablet connecting to a website or WiFi). Whether it’s over wireless or a wire, we analyze why something may noticeably slow down. Sometimes this involves special software to record traffic patterns and look at charts and reports over time, and in other instances, we can look at your network and trace the problem in minutes.

Performance Optimization

Does your internet time out? Is it laggy or slow? Your internet speed depends on your network resources or internet subscription, the number of connected devices, what you are doing, the age and type of devices, and the Wi-Fi signal strength. There are a lot of factors that affect speed. Perhaps you need to move your router. Tech Lab can help you identify which factors are slowing you down and help you optimize the internet speed.

Bottlenecks can also slow you down and we can help determine if this is happening to you. A bottleneck occurs when there is too much demand and too few resources. As more and more people stream online and work from home, this is a growing problem for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Maybe, you need to move your router, upgrade your router,  use a wired connection rather than a wireless connection, upgrade to a fiber connection, or add a WiFi booster to extend your coverage.

Remote Work/VPN Access

Do you take your laptop to your local coffee shop and work from there? If so, odds are you are connecting to a public WiFi and unknowingly jeopardizing your personal information. Public WIFI networks may not be secured properly, so it’s easy for hackers to gain access to your computer and all of your personal information including passwords, credit cards, etc.

A virtual private network (VPN), enables you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. A VPN is a great way to protect yourself and your information when you are on the go. Also, a VPN allows you to have anonymity online by hiding your location and allows you to bypass geographic restrictions on the website.

Most companies install a VPN on all of the employees’ computers to safeguard the company. However, individuals also need a VPN to protect their information when checking their email or browsing online at a local coffee shop, at your public library, or on an unsecured hotspot.

Expanded Coverage & WiFi Dead Spots

Have you ever noticed that you don’t have Internet in certain locations at your office? This is an example of a WiFi dead spot. Maybe your WiFi signal isn’t robust enough. Perhaps there is a wall or another obstacle preventing the signal from reaching that area. To prevent dead spots, there are various options to consider such as repositioning or reconfiguring your router, adjusting the antenna, adding a booster, or adding a mesh network.  Let us help you identify dead spots, troubleshoot, and implement a solution. 

Guest Network

Do you host events or training seminars where your guests need internet access? Let us set up a guest network to make it easy for your guests to connect to your internet network.

Guest Network Portal (Log in Capture)

Providing free wifi is a great benefit to your customers. It likely helps bring in more traffic to your website, but are you using it as a way to generate more sales? Take your guest network to the next level with portal authentication that gives your business an opportunity to promote itself. When customers access your internet network, they will be directed to a web page for access verification where you can display a promo for your business. 


I was having issues with our office WiFi router. I have some IT troubleshooting background but the issue was beyond my capabilities. I called Tech Lab and they were able to visit our office within an hour and begin to resolve our problem. We were up and running with a loaner router shortly after the visit and two business days later we got our original router back fully operational. Alan the tech was very professional and knew uptime was critical to our business. I will not hesitate to call them again and refer Tech Lab to other local businesses.”

Adam P.

“TechLab provided networking and support services to our office throughout and after a full remodel. As a busy property management company, interruptions in service would have caused enormous problems. Thanks to Roger and his team, that never happened. Great service and results!”

Lindsay C.

“Our office had a history of wireless internet not working properly, people being “kicked off” the system and general frustration due to issues. After meeting Tech Lab I invited them in to review and make recommendations. They responded with a sound and cost effective proposal which we accepted. They installed the agreed upon solution and we have now gone 4 months without a hiccup. After being in the IT industry for many years prior to my career in non-profit leadership I can tell you that Tech Lab is an outstanding and professional organization who is very capable in delivering IT solutions at a reasonable cost. I strongly recommend them.”

Mike M.

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Request a consultation so that we can discuss your needs. The consultation is all about discovery and learning more about you and your business. Then, we will send you a customized proposal. 

Once we have a standard work order and a plan in place, we implement the solution, standardize and optimize, and ultimately maintain and sustain the system.