Smart devices

Setup, Support, Troubleshooting, & Repair

Smart Technology

We support a variety of SMART devices including Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, connected BluRay or Stereo systems, and video game consoles. Regardless of your platform, if you’re having trouble, we are here for you.

Need help setting up connecting your smart technology in your home or business? Smart technology can be enabled by your voice and control simple tasks. Smart homes & businesses rely on an automation system that monitors and controls attributes such as temperature, climate, lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, access, and alarm systems.

SMART Services

Smart Home

These are a few examples of how we can help with your smart home:

  • Connect & optimize technologies
  • Setup remote monitoring & security
  • Setup automation so that you can turn on lights, music, change temperature, or adjust your blinds all with your voice.
  • Setup LED lighting and appliance control
  • Integrate weather stations & temperature control
  • Setup the entertainment center in your living room


Smart Business

These are a few examples of our smart business services:

  • Connect & optimize technologies
  • Setup remote monitoring and security
  • Setup remote access control (i.e., locking doors)
  • Integrate weather stations & environments control
  • Connect shared resources & facility management


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What is smart home automation? Smart home automation uses technology in your house to automate tasks. As part of how that is set up, you can also control remotely whatever technology is hooked up to it. How does it work? Some of the devices connect directly to the...

How to Get Started

Request a consultation so that we can discuss your needs. The consultation is all about discovery and learning more about you and your business. Then, we will send you a customized proposal. 

Once we have a standard work order and a plan in place, we implement the solution, standardize and optimize, and ultimately maintain and sustain the system.