Using Passwords- Part 2

I forgot my password.  What do I do now??? 

This depends on where your account is.  For websites that require a password, they will have instructions if you have forgotten your password.  Some websites will send you a reset link in your e-mail. Other times, you will answer security questions to prove that you are you.  Some websites, if you have this set up, will send you a text to prove that you are you. We recommend setting up security questions and using two step authentication for important accounts like you bank account.

I got locked out of my account because I typed my password wrong.  Now what???

Depending on where your account is will determine your next step.  Some places will ask you to wait a predetermined length of time before you try opening your account again.  Other places will have you call a phone number. 

How to know if you entered your password correctly?

If it doesn’t go through right on the first try, check your password log to make sure that you have the right user name and password.  Check whether the site is asking for your user name or your e-mail, and put in the correct one. Check to see if you have Caps Lock on, and turn it off if it’s not supposed to be on.  Type the password somewhere else where you can see what you are typing. When you are positive the password looks like what you should type into the box, then copy the password and paste it into the password box. If you use a password manager, you can copy and paste the password directly from the manager. 

Passwords can be frustrating to an individual but they help keep you and your information safe.