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Domain registration reserves your place on the internet, only for you to use. Once you pick a www address that’s available and it’s registered, we need to keep it somewhere. That’s what we mean by hosting. It’s a place to store your website. When someone searches for you, our systems show your website to the visitor.

When you own your own website, you can also set up email at that address. It’s more professional to give someone a business card with an email address at your company name rather than one of those free accounts like gmail, yahoo, roadrunner, etc. People are more likely to trust you so it adds legitimacy to your business activities.

A website is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Establish a website, then publish it on all of the materials you send out. Signatures on emails are free with every email going out. Print it on your business card, brochures, postcard campaigns and soon you will see the fruits of the simplest and cheapest advertising around. The website gives your customers an opportunity to contact you around the clock, even when you’re asleep, your website is connecting you to customers.

More advanced features of websites include the ability to blog, sell online, offer membership registration/renewal systems, customer invoice payments, customer feedback, view statistics and traffic analysis, and many more types of visitor interaction.

If you need website design solutions, Tech Lab partners with Kreative Solutions. Call 414-208-4682 or contact us for details.

Hosting Plans

TechLab provides all-in-one hosting plans. Our hosting plans include web space, POP/IMAP email, unlimited email aliases and forwarding, a minimum of 2 MySQL Databases, DNS access, FTP access, email with spam filtering, nightly backups, and uptime monitoring.

***Important Regarding Email***

  • Trash/Deleted Items messages are auto-removed after messages sit in the folder for 90 days.
  • Junk/Junk E-mail messages are auto-removed after messages sit in the folder for 30 days.
    ALL other folders are kept indefinitely.

Hosting Add-Ons

A La Carte Options

2021 RATES

Domain Registration

$23/year (pricing may vary)

Private Domain Registration


Hosting Data Migration Fee

For moving data for more than 3 email accounts, if the website must get re-built to suit a standard hosting environment, or moving greater than 2GB of total hosted data


Basic SSL Certificate

Covers, and includes install.


Wildcard SSL Certifcate

Covers * and includes install.


Static IP Address

Required for E-Commerce/Encrypted Communication


Expired Hosting Reactivation Fee

(within 1 month of expiration)

$50 reactivation

+ Yearly Hosting + Registration Fee

Expired Domain Transfer

$99 reactivation + $91 transfer fee

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How to Get Started

Request a consultation so that we can discuss your needs. The consultation is all about discovery and learning more about you and your business. Then, we will send you a customized proposal. 

Once we have a standard work order and a plan in place, we implement the solution, standardize and optimize, and ultimately maintain and sustain the system.