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Request remote support! Tech Lab can troubleshoot over the phone via our remote support software to check your computer.

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Outsource Your IT and Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Systems are Updated, Maintened & Secured


In this hands-on experience, your child will work with a Tech Lab technician to build their own computer.

IT Services & Management

IT Consulting

Align your technology strategies with your business operations.


Protect your people, systems, and data from digital attacks.


Get your computer, server, internal network, internet, or mobile phone set up.

Managed IT

Maintain, sustain, and secure 100% of your technology systems.


Connect all of your components into a single system.

Build Your PC

Give your child a hands-on experience building a PC.

Your Local Information Technology Company

Based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Tech Lab is an information technology company specializing in IT Services & Management for small and medium businesses in the greater metro Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and Chicago areas. Tech Lab also works with clients nationwide and internationally in Australia, Brazil, and Norway. 

Tech Lab engineers solutions to grow and flourish with any thriving business. Whether you are looking for expertise in planning, installation, management, troubleshooting, or optimization, we would love the opportunity to work with you!

We solve IT problems by making incompatible technologies talk with each other and then we secure and maintain those systems. Tech Lab uses repeatable processes to streamline systems and reduce costs. The TechVigilance Managed IT program allows us to respond to issues quickly and reassure our customer’s systems are safe and secure.


We were in desperate need of help. Our entire internet service went down. There was a problem with a Firewall and it was way over my head. We had a tech come in at 2pm and stayed until 3am to make sure that everything was fixed. We would have been completely lost without this support. We will use you guys for ALL and ANY of our upcoming tech needs. Thank you so much for your help!!

Greg R.

Holiday Inn Express

Roger and his team at Tech Lab are so easy to work with! We have multiple computers and devices at 29ten and Tech Lab is always prompt and effective at taking care of our tech needs. Highly recommend!

29ten Salon

Amanda and Roger were amazing! They both helped resolve some personal and business related technology problems. Roger got our business up and running on Office 365. The transition was very easy and things are running great in our office. Thank you so much for the IT help!

Tina S.

SERVPRO of Southwest Waukesha Co

Who We Work With

Tech Lab works with individuals, small businesses, and organizations. Even though we work across industries, we now specialize in a few markets as well.

Retail & Storefront

Salons, brick and mortar stores, eCommerce, etc.


Private practices, home care, surgical centers, etc.

Professional Services

Accounting, financial, investment, marketing, & design firms

Law Firms

Attorneys and law firms

Home-based Businesses

Entrepreneurs, service providers, direct sales representatives, etc.

Trades & Contractors

Cleaning, lawn and landscaping, automotive, & handyman businesses.


Hotels, churches, etc.


Non-profit organizations, causes, events, etc. 

A Few Of Our Clients…

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How to Get Started

Request a consultation so that we can discuss your needs. The consultation is all about discovery and learning more about you and your business. Then, we will send you a customized proposal. 

Once we have a standard work order and an IT Services & Management plan in place, we implement the solution, standardize and optimize, and ultimately maintain and sustain the system.